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My Top 10 Irish Dishes of 2018 #9

Fat Mussels served Thai-style at Martin Shanahan’s Fishy Fishy seafood restaurant in Kinsale.



From the quality of the mussels, to the spicy Thai sauce, to the beautifully crafted bowl they are served in; everything about this bowl of mussels is top shelf. And so was the roasted cod, the monkfish in butter cream sauce and just about everything else we sampled at Fishy Fishy. 


Three decades ago, Martin Shanahan perfected his kitchen chops as a chef in a high dollar San Francisco restaurant. On returning home to Ireland, he opened a tiny fishmonger’s stall and seafood cafe in Kinsale he called Fishy Fishy. It was a runaway success.


The enterprise expanded into the current impressive waterfront location; fame begat the Fishy Fishy cookbook and two popular Irish television series: Martin’s Mad about Fish and Martin’s Still Mad about Fish.  


Put Fishy Fishy on your seafood bucket list.

Robb Walsh