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My Top 10 Irish Dishes of 2017: #10

No. 10: Batter-fried Cod at the Legendary Leo Burdock’s Fish & Chips in Dublin


A huge, single chunk of fish is batter-fried until it attains a crispiness you can only imagine until you’ve bitten into it. The menu isn’t limited to cod either–you can also order sole, haddock or ray with your chips at Leo Burdock’s several Dublin locations. While there are many excellent “chippers” in Ireland, this is my favorite, due in large part to its history. Founded by the Burdock family in 1913, Leo Burdocks Fish and Chip original location in Christchurch was serving food during the 1916 uprising. Up until 1991, Burdock’s was still cooking their fish in coal-fired iron pans.

Robb Walsh