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My Top 10 Dishes of 2021 #5

#5 Korean Pork Pizza at Dough Brothers in Galway-

The weirdly wonderful “Pork Ji Sung” pizza at Dough Brothers Pizzeria in Galway is topped with Korean-style hot & sour pork, roasted soy & sesame kale, pickled ginger, and Japanese togarashi chiles and is best eaten with a cold lager. I’m guessing the name is a joking reference to Korean footballer Park Ji Sung.

Innovative toppings are a Dough Brothers trademark–I’m looking forward to trying Vietnamese Banh Mi pizza. There’s a Caesar Salad pizza on the menu too.  “American Pie” with spicy Buffalo chicken, mozzarella, and ranch dressing on a white sauce base sounds odd but tastes terrific.

Some of the menu offerings posted in the restaurant’s front window showcase Irish ingredients like Gubbeen chorizo. The Irish Margherita features Toonsbridge fior di latte fresh mozzarella. The Posh Pepperoni adds sliced sausage, jalapeño and rocket to the Irish Margherita.

Passionate pizziolos Eugene and Ronan Greaney started out with a food truck in the Galway farmers market. Their take-away only restaurant is now located on Galway’s Middle St.

Dough Brothers was recently ranked the best pizza in Ireland and best takeaway pizza in Europe by 50 Top Pizza, a guide to the best pizzerias in the world. Dough Brothers was also named as the 27th best pizzeria overall, at the 2021 awards ceremony in Milan, Italy.

50 Top Pizza noted: “During these past 18 months that have been so challenging for the worldwide restaurant sector, two brothers from Galway have transformed the roadblock of the health crisis into an opportunity.

“They never lost courage, but instead perfected their delivery service and even created a kit to make pizza at home. The pizza is baked in a wood-fired oven in their establishment near Galway. They have done a great job. Besides the doughs, their selection of raw materials is always at the highest of standards.

Robb Walsh