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My Top 10 Irish Dishes of 2017 #6

No. 6 Crispy-skin duck leg with colcannon and chili-roasted butternut squash at Bijou Bistro  



 Chef Wayne Barren’s amazing crispy-skinned duck leg is served with buttery kale colcannon and a chili-roasted butternut squash topped with toasted squash seeds. Bijou Bistro in Rathgar village is one of those unassuming little eateries in the Dublin suburbs that turn out to be surprisingly great.



Chef Barren began his career with a stint at Aubergine, a Michelin one star restaurant in Munich, and went on to work across the Continent. His training and discipline are apparent in the masterful command of the basics he brings to the kitchen of Bijou Bistro. The skin on the duck leg was impossibly crisp and the sides were perfectly cooked. 





Robb Walsh