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My Top 10 Irish Dishes of 2017 #5

No. 5 Smoked trout and horseradish pate with pickled vegetables, lemon, caper-berries, greens and sourdough toast at the Winding Stair.      


This awesome appetizer of smoked trout spread on sourdough toast with lemon and caper-berries is one of Ireland’s proud contributions to the world’s smoked fish on toast tradition. The bright flavors of horseradish, caper-berries and lemon spark the rich taste of smooth pate and crunchy toast. The dish manages to be sophisticated and worldly and down home humble at the same time, in keeping with the Winding Stair’s culinary philosophy. 


“We aim to be a restaurant devoid of bells and whistles, with food cooked by chefs devoid of ego and served by warm, friendly professionals with a passion for their business,” writes Elaine Murphy, the owner of the Winding Stair on the historic book store and restaurant’s website.


“Our food is simple, good old-fashioned, homemade grub.”

Robb Walsh